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Timothée Semelin aka Tim Web3




I am founding WEBTROIS to build one of the most creative consultancy in the space in Asia using my own expertise, network and grit.  Since I moved to Asia in 2004 I have always been a bridge between culture, businesses and most importantly people and after almost 20 years for working for big brands in the region and globally, Web3 has inspired me to become an entrepreneur and help build this new industry and the future of digital for brands.


Web3 is about People; about integrity and understanding who to work with and how. 

Most importantly Web3 is about customer experience, and we need more experienced CX experts helping brands!  


When Launching Webtrois in May 2022, I was still figuring out where Webtrois could add the most value in the space; was it education, marketing, matchmaking, branding? While we can do all of that, I knew that to be successful Webtrois needed to find its core and focus.

I travelled during the summer of 2022 to confirm some of my assumptions, I went to NFT NYC, NFT BALI, NFT Tokyo, met entrepreneurs in Spain, Portugal, France all in the Web3 space, networked with people on LinkedIn and in Discord, some of these assumptions were shattered and some were confirmed and it helped shape what Webtrois is today.


The world is early in Web3, but Asia is already late at being early! 


Everywhere I went, people were asking about the Asia market, how to tackle it, who are the best actors in this region? Who to talk to in Hanoi, in Manila, Hong Kong, Bali or Shanghai? 


Also there are still a lot of misconceptions of what Web3 is, what the world of NFTs and the Metaverse means for companies and brands in Asia and we need to keep educating and building.

With a track record of positive results in all my past roles building luxury brands globally, leading some of LinkedIn Asia clients global strategy and more, Webtrois and I will bring you the experience brands need to address the new challenges and opportunities that Web3 offer. We have been working on NFT collections since 2021, created Web3 brands from scratch, helped educate luxury, travel and tech brands to the power of Web3 and we are just getting started.


And so after 4 months of deep thinking and research it hit me: the focus of Webtrois should be about onboarding Asia to Web3. That's the moonshot! That's the ambition! 


This is why today I am rebranding WEBTROIS Agency into WEBTROIS, ASIA Web3.


And everything we do from now on will follow this mission.

With a focus on Luxury, Travel and Fashion and Gaming, we are building frameworks to onboard more people and brands to the space. We will bridge the gap between The East and the West, we will bring Web2 brands into Web3, help Web3 brands thrive through well thought strategies and more...


And it's not all!!! In the spirit of sharing, giving back and educate more brands to Web3 I am also very excited to announce the launch of Tim Web3, a free education channel created to help marketers, brand builders and help students learn about Web3 for brands. 


Time to build Asia Web3. 




Tim Web3

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